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Condemnation And Condolence Message to New Zealand

Once again, we have lost all of Humanity with the terrorist attack targeting mosque during Friday prayer in New Zealand. “Regardless of perpetrators of violence and their purpose, the act of terror is murder and deserves nothing but condemnation in the strongest terms.” As Raindrop Foundation San Antonio, we do condemn in the strongest term this shockingly cruel and inhumane attack targeting the peace, love, and friendship in New Zealand and the World.

Extremism has no faith. Use of all form of violence in the name of religion is completely an unacceptable act of crime before the universal law and great sin before God. It deserves nothing but condemnation by any human being. Everyone including Muslims, Christians, and Jews are all victims of such act of terror in New Zealand. Such act of terror comes as in chain targeting worship place of Muslims, Jews, and Christians that has happened within the last few months. In his condemnation and condolence message Fethullah Gulen emphasis such pattern and states that …such “underlying psychology that surfaces in the form of Islamophobia, Christian-bashing, anti-Semitism or other forms of bigotry based on prejudices, fear and hate is a human tragedy. Regardless of the façade it hides behind, be it a belief system or ideology, terrorism is a single ailment that afflicts humanity, and humanity must join hands to solve it.” In that regard terrorism is the foremost threat to human life, which is the most sacred and most universal value in religions.

It is important to note that sources of extremism have multi-dimension. In addition to the extremist interpretation of the holy texts, it has socio-political and economic dimensions paving ways for individuals to be inspired and become lone wolf terrorists. Since we as Muslims, Christians, Jews, Humanists, Hindus, Buddhists and members of other faith traditions are all victims of terror; we should work together more to educate our own people. “An important pillar of the work to be done is the remembrance and internalization of our common human identity. The treatment for the disease of attacking those who are different by people whose lives are driven by fear and hate is the nurturing-through dialogue and education-of a perspective that sees every human as inherently worthy and dignified.”(Fethullah Gulen)

Once again, as Raindrop Foundation San Antonio, we condemn the Terrorist attacks in New Zealand. May God provide health to those who were injured and patience to the relatives of the victims. As the Quran stated in chapter 5:32 that killing one person is equal to killing all humanity and saving one person’s life is equal to saving all humanity”

May God provide patience to all of us because we lost all humanity 49 times with the terrorist attack in New Zealand.

Please join San Antonio Muslim Community Vigil on Saturday, March 23rd at 7 p.m. at Main Plaza, 115 N Main Ave, San Antonio, Texas 78205. Various community leaders and members of the faith community will speak and pray together for the New Zealand victims and their families.


Please Click For Fethullah Gulen’s Condemnation Message



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